Having now completed our 2019 field season, we are now celebrating two fantastic summers of whale research, collecting 31 blow samples and more than 500 hours of behavioural observation. We have shared this work, organising local events, giving public talks and generally promoting a celebration of whales.
We also have big plans for the future. In 2020, we plan to organise six public events, start a citizen science project in Iceland and collect 100 blow samples next summer. By involving as many people as possible in this work, we hope to safeguard the future for whales.
It is a privilege to work on behalf of both whales and people. Our current focus is developing a sustainable whale watching industry and our ultimate goal is to promote ocean harmony. We are grateful for any support towards this- as a group of volunteers, this can make a huge difference to our work and inspire us to reach new heights.
Thank you,
from the Whale Wise team