Whale Wise is a registered UK charity. We aim to promote a harmonious relationship between humans and whales through scientific research and public engagement.

Whales and humans have a complex relationship. Whale populations around the world are threatened by human activity, and yet play an important role in our local culture and heritage. We aim to study this interaction to advance the welfare and conservation of whales around the world.

Our current work is primarily in Iceland, but has spread to the UK and Svalbard.

By using a variety of novel methods and engaging with the public, we stand the best chance of understanding the two-way interaction between whales and humans.

2022 fundraising priorities

Whale Wise is a charity with a team consisting of entirely volunteers. The team is currently unpaid and runs the charity purely on grants, donations and earnings from other part-time jobs. With your donation, you will support Whale Wise’s research and engagement projects and our general running. As part of this, you will help to create an equitable work place where the team can earn a fair living wage.

As well as the general running of Whale Wise, we are raising funds for the following projects:

Check out our research and engagement pages for a full list of current projects. Note: equipment purchased for these projects will also be used in future work (especially drones and acoustic equipment).

What your donations can cover
  • £20 – Food for our field team for one day (Scars from Above)
  • £35 – Fuel for one day of car travel (Scars from Above)
  • £150 – 3D printing material for porpoise skeleton (Project Porpoise)
  • £300 – Round-trip flight from UK to Iceland for 1 person (general)
  • £500 – Wooden structure for porpoise skeleton (Project Porpoise)
  • £800 – One month’s accommodation for the team in the field (Scars from Above)
  • £2000 – 1 month’s fair living wage for 1 person during the field season (general)
  • £3500 – Acoustic release for bottom-moored hydrophone deployment (Finnafjörður acoustics)
  • £4589 – Calibrated hydrophone for long-term deployments, SoundTrap ST600 (Finnafjörður acoustics)
  • £10000 – Acoustic retrieval deck unit for bottom-moored hydrophone deployments (Finnafjörður acoustics)
Keep in touch
Running a charity requires financial support and we are grateful for any donations we receive. However, following and sharing our work in any way, no matter how small, also makes a difference. Join our email list to receive a quarterly newsletter and other updates.

Thank you as always for your support
from the Whale Wise team